Wanted: copy of Cold Spring Harbor book

Creg Darby cdarby at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 19 12:51:48 EST 1994

Would anyone have a copy of the excellent book, "The Nematode 
Caenorhabditis elegans," that they would be willing to sell to me? The 
book went out of print a few months ago, and my bookstore has been unable 
to locate a copy. I am willing to pay the original new price (I believe 
$95) for a copy in like-new condition; I'll consider any copy available 
if you'll describe it to me in an e-mail.
Apropos, I'm aware that a new Methods book is in preparation; but I stil 
find the CSH book invaluable.
Also apropos: I intend to write to Cold Spring Harbor to ask that they 
reprint their book; perhaps if others in the worm community do so, too, 
the message will have more effect.

Creg Darby        cdarby at u.washington.edu
Department of Genetics SK-50, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195
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