YAC rescue

Philip G. Morgan pgm2 at PO.CWRU.EDU
Wed Jul 20 14:50:12 EST 1994

Our lab is presently trying to rescue a couple of mutants using
YAC DNA.  While cosmids have been relatively easy, we are 
curious what precautions anyone has taken, if any, to care
for the YAC DNA.  Does anyone have strong opinions/data about
whether the YACs have to be handled gently or not.  Also is there
a general concentration of DNA that is more appropriate for the
YACs than for cosmids, or do others just make the adjustment
relative to the increased size and keep molar concentrations or
moles injected about constant.  Any advice will be appreciated.
Probably best if suggestions come directly to my Email address
rather than cluttering up this forum.

Thanks for any help.

Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan

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