Worm Community System

Curtis Loer loerc at LAFVAX.LAFAYETTE.EDU
Tue Jul 26 11:01:42 EST 1994

The message from Leon Avery reminded me:
What ever happened to the Worm Community System?
After I left San Francisco, and started here, I lost contact with WCS. I
haven't been able to connect to it and found email to folks at arizona I
had corresponded with before went unanswered. I also noticed Bruce Schatz
had left arizona and found email to him at a new address went unanswered.
Is WCS still accessible as an X-client from arizona or anywhere else? Is it
still supported or maintained by anyone? Although acedb is great, WCS had
the TEXT of all of the old worm breeder's gazettes and many worm meeting
Curtis Loer
loerc at lafayette.edu

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