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> As to the WCS,

> I do not know how it is exactly set up, since we haven't been
> able to get it to work here.

WCS has accompanying documentation -- a users' manual, and some README*
files that describe the system and setup, and address some of the problems
that have been reported to date.  These documents are available from the
anonymous  ftp site, csl.ncsa.uiuc.edu.

In addition, I'm the user support person -- the Help Desk, if you will,
for users.  The system in release 2.0 has been installed at a dozen or
more sites around the country.  We're having a user meeting here in Urbana
on August 13 and 14 -- If you're interested (I sent e-mail invitations  to
all of the sites we knew had used WCSr1, including Harvard), we'd be happy
to reimburse you for your travel to Urbana, and put you up over the
weekend.  This is an open invitation  until the few remaining spots are
taken-- so pass it on.  If  you're interested, please e-mail me to get
additional information.

If you're having problems running WCSr2, or setting it up, or if you'd
like to gripe about it, please give me a call or drop me e-mail.


Laura Shoman, User Support Coordinator, Worm Community
System, Community Systems Laboratory
Graduate School of Library & Info Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
shoman at csl.ncsa.uiuc.edu                  217-244-7472

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