Postdoctoral Position Available

Fri Jul 29 17:26:40 EST 1994

   I will have a postdoctoral position open soon for work on the mapping
and cloning of genes capable of extending C.elegans lifespan.  We have
several postdocs and one graduate student currently working with me in
this area, as well as a second group working on chromosomal homologous
recombination in human cells (in case you are interested in both areas).
Please respond by e-mail to RJREIS at LIFE.UAMS.EDU, or by regular old
ordinary mail to  Robert J. Shmookler Reis
                  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
                  Veterans Medical Center - Research 151
                  4300 West 7th Street
                  Little Rock AR 72212
   (telephone:  501-661-1202, ext. 3894; FAX: 501-671-2510)

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