SUMMARY: gut fluorescence

Leon Avery leon at EATWORMS.SWMED.EDU
Wed Nov 2 09:01:11 EST 1994

Cori Bargmann says:

    starved worms have way less gut granules.  way less.
    if you can stand to fix them, fixing utterly destroys gut fluorescence.
    jin figured that out.  just a short paraformaldehyde fix a la antibody
    staining (an hour or so).

Thomas Burglin says:

    supposedly the flu mutants out there are of no use for such
    The vesicles burst nicely under the UV, sparkling effects...

I also got a very informative answer from Lew Jacobson, which I
somehow have lost.  I remember two things from it.  First, he says
"The gut granules are definitely lysosomes", and cites this reference
to prove it:

    Clokey and Jacobson (1986) The autofluorescent lipofuscin granules
    in the intestinal cells of C. elegans are secondary
    lysosomes. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 35: 79-84.

Second, he says daf-4 mutants have greatly reduced gut fluorescence
because they have greatly reduced endocytosis.

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