Cosmid Vector Sequences

David Waring dwaring at
Wed Nov 2 00:07:24 EST 1994

I'd like to thank all the people who sent me sequences.  I'm glad to see
that they are available on the net.  I must report that I received the
sequence of Lorist 6 from 6 different sources and none of the sequences
were the same.  They varried from 5100-5400 bp and only one of them
contained the BamH1 site that I believe was used for most of the cloning.
 The sequence from Richards site was the longest but even it did not
include a Bam site.  All the differences were small and had very little
impact on the 6 cutter restriction map but I wanted everyone to be aware
of this.  I will send all of the sequences that I received to Richard and
to Leon so that they  can deal with this and provide sequences to everyone

David Waring

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