Public AceDB Server?

steven at MSHRI.ON.CA steven at MSHRI.ON.CA
Fri Oct 7 07:57:17 EST 1994

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> Subj:	Public AceDB Server?
> just out of curiousity, is there a AceDB site that i can telnet or WWW to
> in order to _use_ AceDB, not just download it?  i have the Mac AceDB
> downloaded, but since i'm the only person in this dept. that works on
> worms, our system administrator doesn't want to waste the space on the
> server.
> any and all help would be much appreciated.
> thanks,
> eric

ACEDB may be accessed through gopher at "" or through the
www at "". Leon Avery also has more
C.elegans information at "".

-Rob Steven

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