Curtis Loer loerc at LAFVAX.LAFAYETTE.EDU
Thu Sep 1 16:34:56 EST 1994

Along the lines of Leon's recent microscope survey, I am soon going to set
up a microinjection system and would be interested in people's opinions on
some of the various options and their advantages/disadvantages.

Microelectrode pullers:
Does anyone use something other than a Flaming/Brown P-87 ($5725) and how
much does it cost? What about reliability, versatility?

What configurations and models? Anyone tried Hoffman Contrast optics
instead of Nomarski?   I've heard that with "infinity corrected" optics, I
should be able to use my Zeiss objectives on any 'scope; in case I'm sick
of my Zeiss salesman and his service and want to jump ship.

Narishige, etc.

Microinjection systems:
Eppendorf 5242 is clearly overpriced at $6100. Andy Papp's is amazingly
cheap! What about WPI?

Vibration-damping tables/systems?

I have ideas and money for all, but mainly of the most expensive variety.
I'd like to use some of my equipment money for other things. I'll be happy
to return results to the community like Leon did, it they can be reasonably

Curtis Loer
Lafayette College

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