gene gun transformation

Thu Sep 29 11:50:28 EST 1994

Someone (please sign your E-mails) asked about bolistic transformation of
C. elegans. Some years ago, Phil Anderson showed that bolistic
transformation of worms was relatively easy. From memory, he used a system
(I think designed by Cetus) in which current was used to explosively boil a
drop of water, which provided the force to drive the tungsten particles. I
gather that this machine was never marketed because of legal pressure from
Du Pont. We repeated Phil's experiments using a home-made machine in which
a pulse of helium was used to provide the bolistic force. Somehow, we have
managed to lose the details of those experiments (such as particle size,
and helium pressure - which would probably be unique to our machine).
However, our approach was to collect approx 1000 washed worms on a glass
fibre filter immediately prior to shooting. Our highest transformation
rates were at pretty high kill rates (60-80 % I think). One thing we found
important was to disperse the particles immediately before shooting. We did
this by holding the bottom of the eppendorf tube containing the DNA-coated
tungsten beads directly on the probe tip of a sonicator until the
eppendoprf tube began to melt a little.
We now have access to the BioRad Biolistic gun and plan to re-try the
transformations (as a preliminary to trying to transform plant-parasitic
nematodes). We would be interested in anyones experiences, and are happy to
share ours.
David McK. BIRD
Department of Nematology and Graduate Genetics Group
University of California
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