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Thu Aug 3 20:13:06 EST 1995

Hello All,

In a conversation I had a while ago with a sales representative from a 
synthetic oligonucleotide vender (Audrey Yue, from Genset Corp., La 
Jolla, CA, with branch offices in France and Japan), I mentioned that 
there was this large set of primers that many in the C. elegans 
community use for STS mapping and showed her the Ben Williams paper.  We 
discussed the feasibility of her company offering a kit or kits of these 
primers as part of their product line.  She called me today and 
expressed interest in offering the kit, but wanted to know about how 
many labs would have use for it, and what kind of formats (e.g. 
concentrations, volumes, combinations) would be most useful.  So I am 
posting this note to give you the opportunity to voice your interest 
and advice directly.  You can email Ms. Yue at marketing at or 
contact her by phone at 1-800-995-0308 or fax at 415-903-0281

Paul Muhlrad

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