E-mail Submission of WBG Articles

Leon Avery leon at eatworms.swmed.edu
Fri Aug 4 05:53:56 EST 1995

E-mail Submission of WBG Articles

We recommend submission via WWW (Netscape).

To submit via WWW:
     Open the URL http://eatworms.swmed.edu/, click on "Worm Breeder's
     Gazette Abstract Submission", and follow the instructions that appear.
     Don't forget to send a paper copy to the CGC.

To submit via e-mail:
       1. The abstract must come as the body of an e-mail message.
       2. ASCII only. No fancy formatting; i.e., no italics, underline,
          subscripts, symbols, accented characters, etc. (However, see note
          about RTF submission below.)
       3. Limit line length to 72 characters. (If you're using a word
          processor, set the margins six inches apart, and use 10-point
          Courier type.)
       4. Begin with the title, followed by a single blank line, followed by
          the list of authors, one per line, followed by a blank line, then
          the addresses, then another blank line, then the text. (See
          template below.)
       5. If the authors are at multiple addresses, identify each author
          with the appropriate address by placing a number in square
          brackets after the author's name and before the address, as
          diagrammed below.
       6. Send the abstracts to wbgsubmit at elegans.cbs.umn.edu, (one abstract
          only per message). The subject should be "WBG Abstract". An
          acknowledgement will be e-mailed to you within a day. Carefully
          examine your abstract as it appears in the acknowledgement--this
          is exactly how it will eventually appear on the WWW.
       7. These messages will be processed automatically by the computer, so
          please don't include a cover note. If you need personal attention
          or have questions, send a separate message to
          wbghelp at elegans.cbs.umn.edu. (These message go to Theresa
          Stiernagle and Leon Avery.)
       8. Don't forget to send a paper copy to the CGC.

     Here is a template:


            {First Author}[1]
            {Second Author}[2]
            {Last Author}[x]

            [1]{First Author's address}
            [2]{Second Author's address}
            [x]{Last Author's address}

            {Text.  The text may contain additional blank lines.}

To submit a formatted RTF abstract (experimental):
     Use the "Save As..." function of your word processor to save your
     abstract in RTF. (This may also be called "Rich-Text Format" or, in
     Microsoft Word, "Interchange Format".) Mail this file to
     wbg-rtf at eatworms.swmed.edu. The subject should be "WBG Abstract". Don't
     forget to send a paper copy to the CGC.

     If you have any questions about RTF submission, contact Leon Avery
     (214-648-2420, leon at eatworms.swmed.edu).

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