Jean Van Doren

Wed Aug 23 16:46:41 EST 1995

Jean Van Doren was released from the hospital on Aug. 11.  She and her
daughters are now together at their home, but Jean has to spend another 3-6
weeks in a wheelchair until her broken pelvis is healed.  Over 100 people in
Syracuse have volunteered to assist her with meals, grocery shopping, cleaning,
child care, etc.  Jean will be returning to her master's program in Information
Studies at Syracuse University next week and she plans to complete the
program next May.  Now that she is home she has access to the Internet and is
able to receive email messages (jmvandor at  She is very
grateful for all of the messages she has received so far but has obviously not
been able to respond to most of them.  I am sure she would appreciate any
support and encouragement that people can offer.

Jim Lissemore
Biology Department
John Carroll University
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