egg permeabilization

Christopher C Marett cmarett at
Thu Dec 21 16:20:12 EST 1995

I am working to try to fluorescently label the egg cell nuclei of 
Heterodera glycines eggs so that I may evaluate the developmental stage 
of egg populations using flow cytometry.  I have had difficulty getting 
stain into the eggs however, and have tried enzymatic digestion of the 
egg shell with very limited success.  Some eggs stain beautifully 
however, suggesting that some level of egg shell damage would allow the 
stain to enter the cells.  I was hoping that someone had encountered 
similar difficulties in C. elegans since it has been so much more widely 
researched, and would have some useful suggestions.  I would appreciate 
any help.

cmarett at

Chris Marett
cmarett at

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