transgenic rescue

Martin A. Srayko msrayko at GENEKIT.MEDGEN.UBC.CA
Sat Feb 4 18:24:38 EST 1995

(trying to send this again; had problems with last transmission)

I also have a related question about transgenic arrays:

When I cross certain transgenic hermaphrodites to males, I sometimes
get an excess of male F1s that carry the array (i.e., male F1s Rol,
most hermaphrodites of the same age do not Rol).  I don't think this
is specific for the construct used because very similar and even identical
constructs behave differently with respect to the proportion of
males:hermaphrodite Rollers.

Thanks in advance for input about this observation.

And a related comment about unc-79...

Is it possible that unc-79 must be provided by sperm to be active/expressed?
Is there a precident for this sort of thing in worms?


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