transgenic arrays

Martin A. Srayko msrayko at GENEKIT.MEDGEN.UBC.CA
Fri Feb 3 22:21:13 EST 1995

I also have a related question about transgenic arrays:

When I cross certain transgenic hermaphrodites to males, I sometimes get an excess
of male F1s that carry the array (i.e., male F1s Rol, most hermaphrodites of the
same age do not Rol).  I don't think this is specific for the construct used
because very similar and even identical constructs behave differently with respect
to the proportion of males:hermaphrodite Rollers.

The only thing I can think of that may be responsible for this is if the array
sometimes segregates from the X chromosome a la distributive pairing or some such
mechanism (i.e., maybe size of the array is a factor).   In hermaphrodites with XX,
maybe mitotic segregation of the X's is disturbed by the array and mosaicism kills
them, but males are OK because the array segregates from the single X.
Thanks in advance for comments about this observation/interpretation.

And a related comment about unc-79..

Is it possible that unc-79 must be provided by sperm to be active/expressed?  Is
there a precident for this sort of thing in worms?


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