transgenic arrays

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Mon Feb 6 10:14:30 EST 1995

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msrayko at GENEKIT.MEDGEN.UBC.CA ("Martin A. Srayko") wrote:
> When I cross certain transgenic hermaphrodites to males, I sometimes get an excess
> of male F1s that carry the array (i.e., male F1s Rol, most hermaphrodites of the
> same age do not Rol).  I don't think this is specific for the construct used
> because very similar and even identical constructs behave differently with respect
> to the proportion of males:hermaphrodite Rollers.

I've seen the same thing with a him-8 strain carrying with an array, where
there is often an excess of males which roll. I haven't quantitated it. Of
course, in lines which transmit poorly, and I have to look hard to see a
rolling hermaphrodite, maybe it just seems that way.
Dave Pilgrim
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