roller males

Leon Avery leon at EATWORMS.SWMED.EDU
Mon Feb 6 19:50:06 EST 1995

On Feb 6,  6:43pm, Cori Bargmann wrote:
> Subject: Re: roller males
> leon-
> i'm perplexed by your comment.  i know about Dp/x segregation in males (i
> always give it as a problem in genetics class).  but these are extra roller
> males coming off an XX hermaphrodite with the array (crossed by a male
> without the array), not coming off an XO male with the array.  am i missing
> something, or are you?
> cori
>-- End of excerpt from Cori Bargmann

You're right; I didn't pay enough attention to what I read.  Mea

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