Unsolicited junk mail

bhatta at MSHRI.ON.CA bhatta at MSHRI.ON.CA
Wed Feb 8 11:44:16 EST 1995

If you guys are upset (as we are) about recieving advertisements over
the worm list, I suggest you complain directly to the originators
of the messages.  These are sphysiques at aol.com and 7272259 at mcimail.com.
They will begin to appreciate the error of their ways if they recieve a few
thousand complaints.  It will also hurt them where it counts, as it costs
money to recieve mail.  I know someone (on another list) who sends unsolicited
seismic data (>1 gigabyte) to originators of unsolicited commercial mail.
Perhaps in keeping with the theme on this list, we should send these folks
DNA sequence.

Raja Bhattacharyya
Bhatta at mshri.on.ca

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