transgenic males

Ilan Zipkin zipkin at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Wed Feb 8 11:31:42 EST 1995

With regard to Cori's explanation for an increased frequency of Roller

I have informally noted that expression of transgenic arrays is indeed more
efficient in males as well, without previously giving it much thought.  I
am attempting rescue of my favorite gene with pMH86 (Dpy-20) as a coinjection
marker into dpy-20(e1282) hermaphrodites.  I have observed that rare males
arising from these injected hermaphrodites, even down to the F3 generation,
are much more "non-Dpy" than are hermaphrodite siblings.  I have seen this
in stable transgenic lines and in populations of hermaphrodites which did
not appear to be transmitting the array, suggesting that an array which is
too small to rescue dpy-20 in hermaphrodites is sufficient to rescue males,
going along well with an increased efficiency of expression in males.
Since I'm injecting cosmids from the X chromosome, I thought they might be
affecting the dosage regulation of the array, but I guess it extends to all
injected arrays.

Ilan Zipkin
Kenyon lab
zipkin at

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