antisense expression

Kevin Van Doren kvandore at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU
Thu Feb 9 12:09:05 EST 1995

I have a question for all of you who have done antisense expression studies.
I would like to use antisense expression to look at a constitutive splicing
protein.  This should be expressed in all tissues all through development.
I plan to use a heat shock promoter to drive the antisense expression so that
it can be controlled.  Following the promoter will be 700 bp from the 5'
region of the cDNA in the antisense orientation.  Is it necessary to have
some type of 3' end to such a construct?  Does one need to include a
polyadenylation signal from a gene or will the antisense expression be
stable and sufficient without such a region.  I would greatly appreciate
any information about successes and/or failures using antisense expression.
Thanks in advance.

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