Integration of pRF4 arrays

Morris Maduro Morris_maduro at
Fri Feb 17 08:03:28 EST 1995

Hello again fellow worm breeders,

Our lab has little experience in integrating transgenic arrays into the C.
elegans genome.  I obtained a GFP fusion line carrying the expression
plasmid and pRF4.  I treated several thousand L4's with 3000 rad from a
cobalt-60 source, left them a week, and picked 300 roller F2's at random. 
I saved ~25 which gave an apparent high transmission rate and am selfing
the F4's right now.

My questions are...

At what frequency do integrants usually appear in this type of screen?  Is
it quite variable?

What transmission frequency (reproducible) says you've got an integrant?


How penetrant is an integrated rol-6D transgene?  I have heard that
transgenic or integrated animals don't always show the rol phenotype.

Thanks muchly!


Morris Maduro
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada      Morris_maduro at

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