Integration of pRF4 arrays

Sam Henderson smango at
Sun Feb 19 20:00:25 EST 1995

in my experience (which is limited) i've gotten integrants anywhere
from 1/100 to 1/500. so yes, it is variable, and there may be some
selection against getting your particular integrant, depending on what
the gene is. If you get an integrant, first it will be int/+, so it
should segregate ~75% of the time, and in the next generation you
should get homozyogtes that are 100% rol (or whatever you're using).
some animals can fail to rol, but their progeny will. even integrated
rol-6d is usally incredibly obvious, although sometimes it can be
subtler eg lifting the head or the occasional flip of the body. the way
to really tell you have an integrant is either to map it, and/or to
stain with dapi and show that there's no array there. good luck-susan

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