C. elegans ecology

David R. Shook shook at ibg.colorado.edu
Thu May 18 17:01:25 EST 1995

Sigh; my computer system crashed earlier this week, and now that
they've got it back up, it appears I lost all the nice C. elegans
ecology posts that I had saved, and I never even got a chance to print
them out.

If those of you who sent me info could resend it, I would be greatly
appreciative; I think that burr at sfu (?) has a copy of the long post 
David Fitch sent me, so if you could send that back, it would proably
save everybody some trouble (David, wait and see if I can revover
that before you spend any time on this...); In particular, some
one mentioned that Nicols (?) might be helpful; if I could get his e-mail
again that would be great; also, I recall that Thomas Kelly was 
mentioned by someone; I'd also appreciate it if someone could send me 
his e-mail or some references. 

Also, there was one guy (at harvard??) who suggested that we meet 
over posters and discuss things; could you resend me your e-mail/name?

As requested by several people, I will post whatever I find out about
C. elegans ecology back to this mailing list, and if further library
research on my part or discussions with others turns up anything 
else interesting, I will follow up with that information.

For those of you wondering what this is about, I originally requested
information on the *natural* (as opposed to the laboratory) ecology of
C. elegans or closely related species.  Information being references
or e-mail addresses of people who might know something about the 
natural ecology of C. elegans, and who actually answer their e-mail...

Thanks very much and sorry for the hassle,
David Shook (shook at ibg.colorado.edu)

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