meeting for worm workers at predominantly teaching institutions

Fri May 26 15:45:54 EST 1995

I am organizing an informal gathering during the upcoming C. elegans meeting
of worm workers at liberal arts colleges and other predominantly teaching
institutions.  This will be an opportunity for those of us who spend most of
our time teaching to get acquainted, to compare experiences, to trade teaching
and research tips, etc.  This is NOT meant to be a workshop.  I am tentatively
planning to have us meet over lunch on Sun. June 4 at a location that I will
announce during the Sun. morning session.  This will also be a chance for
graduate students and postdocs who are considering teaching careers to meet
people who have gone that route.  If you would like to be part of this
gathering or have suggestions for an alternative time to meet, please drop me a
note by Thurs. June 1.

Jim Lissemore
Biology Department
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH 44118
email: jlissemore at
Phone: (216)397-4196
FAX: (216)397-4482

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