meeting for worm workers at predominantly teaching institutions

Kevin Van Doren kvandore at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU
Tue May 30 06:44:47 EST 1995

Hey Jimbo,

Since I can't be there but would love to be involved, how about posting
me a summary of any good stuff you learn.  Also, as long as I have your
attention, I want to talk with you when you have time about cover letters
that you wrote to these types of institutions.  I think that I need some
advice on how to approach them and since you were successful, who better
to ask.  Anyway, get in touch with me either this way or phone when
you have the time and are ready to lay on your sage wisdom.  Have a 
great time at the meeting.  I will miss being there and seeing you.
Say hello to the terrace for me!  Talk with you when you return.
Say hi to Fran and Emma!


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