clarification on "teaching meeting" at the worm meeting

Tue May 30 11:22:16 EST 1995

I have received several responses from people interested in talking about
teaching careers.  Based on these messages I would like to clarify a couple of
1) This gathering is NOT a workshop.  There will NOT be a panel of speakers
with a question and answer format.  This is just a chance to get acquainted
with other worm workers who are interested in teaching.
2) The "meeting" will probably consist of our group commandeering a corner of
the cafeteria where we would all be having lunch anyway.  
3) My intention in asking people to drop me a note if they are interested is
just to get some idea of how many tables to take over in the cafeteria.  Please
do not consider this as "registering" for this meeting.

Thanks to all those who have already responded!

Jim Lissemore
Biology Department
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH 44118
email: jlissemore at
Phone: (216)397-4196
FAX: (216)397-4482

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