C. elegans WT & Marker Culture Requested

WBLanier wblanier at aol.com
Sun Nov 5 23:20:57 EST 1995

I have been doing physiological research with a couple of other species of
nematodes which are rather similar to Caenorhabditis elegans.  These
critters have not been explored genetically.

I would like to extend my experiments to C. elegans because this is such a
well-developed genetic model.  I have not worked with C. elegans before,
but am familiar with general genetics methods as my earlier research was
in microbial genetics.

I would greatly appreciate a wild-type culture of C. elegans and an
appropriately-marked strain which I can use for mating experiments to
learn my way around this worm's life style.  My research has involved
migration, so it would be helpful if the "appropriately-marked" crossing
mutant is not one which greatly limits the worms movement.  I have E. coli
cultures and other tools for growing the worms.

If anything comes of the effort, I will be most happy to credit the
"obtained from", and, in any case, will provide more information about my
research and what results from the C. elegans experiments.

If anyone would care to be such a kind donar, my particulars are:

Wayne Lanier
250 Ashbury
San Francisco, Ca 94117
TEL (415) 346-4940
FAX (415) 346-1448
e-mail (home): wblanier at aol.com
e-mail (work): lanier at resbiom.com

With thanks in advance, 

Wayne Lanier, PhD

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