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It might be a good idea to put some of this information in the FAQ.  I
guess I should write up a more complete answer (unless someone else
feels like it).

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I am also a newcomer to the field, and the protocols from the Cold Spring Harbor 
books look somethat peculiar to me, where it concerns the media. I have quite 
some experience with many E.coli strains, and we usually grow it on 2XTY with 
supplements or on NZY. While OP50 is just another stain, somethat vigorous 
compared to many newer ones, I would like to know, is it intended to feed a slow 
growing E.coli or a fast growing one to worms? It is no problem to follow to CSH 
recipe, but in many other areas, where I have a longer experience, like in 
cloning, blotting or sequencing, I have been able to bring many protocols to a 
common denominator. After all, there is quite some logic in all these procedures 
not just cookbook recipes... A comprehensive FAQ on C.elegans is very good idea.

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