Ikue Mori imoriscb at MBOX.NC.KYUSHU-U.AC.JP
Tue Nov 14 06:02:57 EST 1995

Does anyone know if gfp can still work after the worms were fixed for
antibody or lacZ staining? I know by reading one of Marty Chalfie's Gazette
articles that gfp works after formaldehyde and/or glutaraldehyde fixation.
So, I gather that the worms can be "doubly stained" with gfp and DAPI (or 
lacZ fixation, perhaps?). My question may be a stupid one since, to my
knowledge, nobody has tried to observe cells expressing gfp and an antibody
(or lacZ) in a single animal. However, I would appreciate to hear any
comments from anyone who had thought about the same attractive possibility.

Thank you very much in advance!

Ikue Mori
-I apologize to everyone thinking that I should have posted this question
in the gfp net...

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