C. elegans Transformation by micropiercing (Replies - actually reply)

Jeffrey Yuan yuan at PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU
Mon Nov 20 18:45:05 EST 1995

Last week I posted a query regarding the technique of transforming nematodes by 
microprobe perforation (Hashmi, et al BioTechniques, 19: 766-770, 1995).  I 
received only one reply from Monica Driscoll who has tried it, though many other
queries.  Here is her reply:

>From: "Driscoll, Monica A" <driscoll at ocelot.Rutgers.EDU>
>Date: 15 Nov 1995 09:09:16 -0500
>To: Jeff Yuan <yuan at phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
>Hi Jeff,
> I saw your note on the micro piercing technique for transformation. These guys
>come over and use our scopes and have us look at their worms from time to time.
>We have tried their protocol a bit using rol-6 and have not gotten any
>transformants out.  So, the quick and dirty method approach was unsuccessful! 
>We have not really fussed with it too much yet--I think it would be worth
>someone's while to work it out.

If anyone else has anything to add please feel free to speak.

Jeffrey Yuan

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