C. elegans transformation

Ron Kagan rkagan at ewald.mbi.ucla.edu
Mon Nov 20 16:35:33 EST 1995

There is an article by Hashmi et al., (1995) BioTechniques 19(5):766-770
which describes a new method for nematode transformation.  The method
uses an array of microprobes fabricated on a silicon waifer.  The
microprobes are coated with the DNA to be transformed into the nematodes
and the DNA is intorduced into the nematodes when they move across the
microprobes and their cuticle is pierced by the sharp points of the
probes.  They used the nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and claim
that 8% of the progeny from the trsansformants expressed the injected

Has anybody tried this on C. elegans yet??

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