Species Models for ACEDB

Mark Blaxter Mark.Blaxter at ed.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 03:47:14 EST 1995

Has anyone written acedb model files for species taxonomy?

I'm interested in being able to walk back from a species to see its
relationships with everything else, and forward from higher taxa to see
what species they contain. So if a paper refers to Heligmosomoides
polygyrus I can find out that it is a nematode of family X rather than
guessing its a horrible wasting disease of the left earlobe.

I have written a set, they work, etc, but I was wondering if there was a
standard set I should/could use, or if there was a standard set we could
develop? In particular, a set which allowed (1) multiple taxonomies
(especially at deep levels) and (2) a tree-like graphical representation.


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