Informal C. elegans meeting in Basel

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Fri Sep 8 23:17:54 EST 1995

Announcement for an informal C. elegans meeting in Basel.

Some of you might know the BAWMs in Boston (Boston area worm meeting)
and in San Francisco (Bay area worm meeting).

These are informal meetings in the evening, for people to meet,
exchange information, eat Pizza or other food, and listen to
two informal talks.

Thus, I have always been playing with the thought of a BAWM
in Europe,  a "Basel" area worm meeting (where area has
the American connotation of anything being within a couple
of hours driving distance... :-)  ; or perhaps somebody
has a better acronym...).  The Boston meetings were about
3 times a year (break in summer, worm meeting).  Here
in Europe, we can maybe do 2 a year, one in fall, one in spring.

Anyway, after talking with various people, I would like
to make the following proposal:

Wednesday, Nov., starting at 17.00 hr. until about 8.00-8.30.
depending how much people want to gossip...
I would organize food (probably pizza) for around 7pm.
Costs for food would be split by number of people.

We would have two informal talks with discussions.
The talks still have to be determined, but I am
willing to give one.  Other volunteers?

Anybody that would like attend this meeting is welcome.

Please send me an email
Thomas Burglin
burglin at

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