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Mon Sep 11 22:43:14 EST 1995

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>I am a undergraduate student in biology.  Some day I hope to go to 
>graduate school in biochemistry. My grades are good enough but I 
>am afraid that this may not be enough to get in.  I am looking for 
>something to set myself apart from the other students.
>        Thank you for your time!!!
>        Patrick R. Jones

What really got me into graduate school were two things--letters of 
recommendation and lab experience.  As a work study, I had gotten jobs in 
research labs on campus.  The jobs taught me skills that the graduate 
admissions committee thought were beneficial.  Also, my three letters of 
recommendation came from three professors I worked for, which also made 
me a good candidate for grad school.
	Thus, my advice is to get a job (preferably in a lab) and work 


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