NonAUG translational starts

Siddiqui SHAHID rsss10 at EDU.TUTCC.TUT.AC.JP
Thu Sep 21 16:21:33 EST 1995

Dear Eric,
Yes, indeed we have at least one of the alpha tubulin gene,, tba-3
aks  mec-12, that has its coding sequence begin at CAG coding instead
of ATG. Our sequence hs been depositted in the DDBJ data base last
year. Accession number is D21134. This is based on the genomic sequence
data, and has shown by far the largest introns in the alpha tubulin
gene family of C. elegans. The three introns are respectively 2381,
606, and 1660 bp long. 
It was good to see you on the net. Wit h  very best wishes to you all.

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