Genomic structure

Keith L. Steward ksteward at
Sat Sep 23 12:24:50 EST 1995

	Our lab works on RNA splicing in C. elegans. Predominantly, worm 
introns are small. Usually around 50 nucleotides in length, with a 
conserved UUUCAG sequence at the 3' end and a AG/GTRAGT sequence at the 
5' splice site. Unlike mammals, elegans introns do not have a consensus 
branch point sequence (if your worried about contamination). Most, if 
not all, elegans genes have at least 2 introns. Tom Blumenthal and Kieth 
Steward did a number of computer searches of the known elegans genes and 
compiled a lot of details about things like exon/intron length, base 
composition, etc...that will be published in the new addition of the 
Cold Spring Harbor Press Book on the worm. So I refer you to that 
publication for more detailed information. Good luck.

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