moderate bionet.celegans?

Leon Avery leon at
Tue Sep 26 06:49:47 EST 1995

How would people feel about making bionet.celegans a moderated
newsgroup?  I would be willing to be moderator.  This means that any
messages posted to bionet.celegans would actually go to me first, and
would appear on the newsgroup only after I had approved them.  The
only things I wouldn't approve are these obnoxious commercials.  The
disadvantage is that there would be a delay before messages became
available, especially if I happened to be out of town.

Of course, if anyone else wants to be moderator, that would be even

Leon Avery					   (214) 648-2420 (office)
Department of Biochemistry			            -2768 (lab)
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center             -8856 (fax)
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Dallas, TX  75235-9038
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