Julie Gervais 3000JGER at VM1.ULAVAL.CA
Sat Sep 30 06:23:44 EST 1995

Hi!  I am trying to purify the homologue of a yeast protein in C.elegans.
However, the yeald of protein starting from adult worm culture is low and
since I tried to sonicate them, proteolysis may be a problem.  I have also
tried embryos large scale production (using a derivative of Uridine) but
these culture are dificult to setup and I haven't been able to make it
yet.  Do anybody know a group that try or have tried to purify protein from
worms with sucess?  Any suggestion or references are welcome.

      Thanks in advance
      Julie Gervais, Universite Laval, Quebec
      3000jger at

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