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This has nothing to do with genes, promoters, staining or vectors.

In my wanderings I know that I have come across the quote:
"We have made our way from worm to man, but much within us is still worm"
but for the life of me, I cannot remember where, or what the attribution
is. I'm pretty sure it is not Shakespeare. Can anyone help me?

In return, how about
"... and striving to be man, the worm
Mounts through all the spires of form."
        R.W. Emerson

p.s. In my searches, I was reminded of a contribution to the WBG 5#1 from
Bert Zuckerman. Many of you will never have seen it. It goes, in part..... 

"....If the nemas only knew
Th'extent of equipment devoted to
The observation of their lives,
The propagation of their tribes,
The preservation of their health
And happiness, and all things elth,
I don't believe they'd really mind
If, glancing upward, they should find
An eyeball, staring, rapt in thought.
What would they say, if they could talk?"

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