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Tue Apr 9 15:57:35 EST 1996


I have mailed out unc-119(e2498) and the rescuing plasmid pDP#MM016B to the
following people as of April 9, 1996.  I will process other requests as
they come in, probably in a couple of weeks.  I am posting this list to
avoid redundancy (although this has already happened!).

* April 1, 1996 mailout:

Bruce Bamber
Cori Bargmann
Peter Barrett
N. Nick Cheng
David Eisenmann
Annette Estevez
Tom Evans
David Fitch
Andy Golden
Michael O. Hengartner
Wendy Katz
Patricia Kuwabara
Curtis Loer
William R. Morgan
Andy Papp
Robert J. S. Reis
Liz Ryder
Erich Schwarz
Geraldine Seydoux
Shahid Siddiqui
Jeffrey Yuan

* April 9, 1996 mailout:

Julie Ahringer
Karin Brunschwig
Thomas Burglin
Mike Costa
Barth Grant
Craig Hunter
Lisa Kadyk
Edward Kipreos
Karla Knobel
Johji Miwa
Kevin O'Connell
Jonathan Pettitt
Ronald H.A. Plasterk
Garth Patterson
Jochen Scheel
Ann Sluder
Pliny A Smith
Beth De Stasio
Yo Tabuse
Suzanne Tharin


Morris Maduro (morris_maduro at

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