neuronal promoters

Garth Patterson patterson at
Mon Apr 15 14:27:34 EST 1996

I posted to the newsgroup a couple weeks ago, asking for ideas for
promoters that are either pan-neuronal or expressed in subsets of neurons,
especially in the head.  Here is the summary I promised:

From: tharin at (Suzanne Tharin at CSHL)
Subject: Re: neuronal promoters
Hi Garth,

My name is Suzanne Tharin and I'm a graduate student in Micheal
Hengartner's lab. I too am interested in getting my hands on a pan-neural
promoter. My  two suggestions to you are unc-119 (Maduro/Pilgrim) and Go
(Plasterk). unc-119 reporter constructs seem to be expressed in about 200
neurons (but ask Morris for details), while Go reporters seem to be active
in all neurons and additionally in a few sex-specific muscle cells (see
Plasterk's Science paper from last spring).

From: Dave Reiner <dreiner at>
To: Garth Patterson <patterson at>
Subject: Re: neuronal promoters
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apparently unc-31 is expressed in all neurons.  unfortunately, it is not 
published, and david livingston is hard to reach.  good luck.

From: HART at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
To:   patterson at
Subject: RE: neuronal promoters

guess you know all my suggestions: not-3, ceh-23, osm-3 (if you could get it,
but you prob. can't), some of cori's chemoreceptors, goa-1

is the snt-1 promotor availible?
anne hart

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