New Worm Shirt?

Glenn E. White gwhite at ASHLAND.EDU
Mon Apr 15 19:03:51 EST 1996

The recent discussion of the quote from Nietzche reminded me of the fact 
that several people approached me in Madison last summer and asked about 
my worm shirt.

Now, I've only had my two since the 1991 meeting (my first), but there 
are many older worm docs who have had them for years.  That rendition, I 
believe, had it last run at the 1991 meeting.  This was the dual series 
with the lineage up front and the worm on the back, with the Shakespeare 
or Nietzche quotes as the options.  I don't remember who designed the 
shirt, but I believe she was a member of Horvitz's lab, and a graduate 

I guess I'm asking is it time for a new worm shirt?  Is there any interest?

I've got an idea for a new design:  hermaphordite up front, male on the 
back with a Top Ten Reasons To Be A Worm Doc underneath.

I haven't thought this out yet, but a few that come to mind, trying to be 
humorous without being silly or in incredibly poor taste:

Never tire of that "what the....?" look on people's faces when you tell 
them you're a worm doc.

Maybe Dave Barry will visit your lab!

Get somebody else to clone and sequence your DNA!

Watch worms having sex 

Worms in space!

I don't have a complete list, but if you're interested in the idea of 
developing a new shirt, and have any suggestions for design or additions 
to the Top Ten list, send them to me privately.  

If there is sufficient interest (>20 people want one), then we can 
finalize a design and offer it to the whole list. 

Since we're all poor, some more than others, I would estimate an initial 
cost of $15 which would include shipping and handling.  We have a good 
silk screener in the area and I can get more details on this.


gwhite at

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