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WCWM Meeting Organizers aardvark at dauerdigs.biosci.missouri.edu
Wed Apr 17 16:37:11 EST 1996

Dear Colleague,

We are now accepting registration forms and abstracts for the 1996 West 
Coast Worm Meeting (July 25-28 in Vancouver, BC)!  Please read the 
following information carefully.  We encourage you to register early, 
and send your abstracts in as soon as possible.  Please print out and 
post this message for the benefit of others in your department who may 
not be on our electronic mailing list, and visit our web site to get 
started (http://genekit.medgen.ubc.ca/wcwm.html).  All the information 
you need can be found there.

Registration and Accommodation

The deadline for early registration is May 31, 1996, with registration 
fees of $150 Cdn before that date and $175 Cdn after.  The fee includes 
all workshops and abstract books, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, all coffee 
breaks, the opening reception and the salmon barbeque.  Accommodation 
fees begin at $33 Cdn per night, for a single room with shared washroom.  
On-line and fax registration require payment by credit card.  Credit 
cards or checks are accepted for registration by mail.  Checks must be 
issued in Canadian dollars, and drawn on a Canadian bank (go to your 
bank and ask them to issue a check in Canadian funds, which they can do 
via their association with a Canadian bank).  Institutional checks are 
accepted provided simply that they are in Canadian dollars.  There is no 
provision for institutional purchase orders.

You may register for the meeting on-line through a web browser (such as 
Netscape or Mosaic), by mail or by fax.  Electronic registration is best 
accomplished by visiting either the West Coast Worm Meeting web site 
(http://genekit.medgen.ubc.ca/wcwm.html) or Leon Avery's Worm Meetings 
site (http://eatworms.swmed.edu/Worm_meetings.html).  You'll find a lot 
of information and links to the UBC Conference Services meeting 
registration site.

Registering by mail or fax requires a copy of the registration form.  We 
have posted binhex 4.0-encoded and native format copies of the form on 
an anonymous ftp site (ftp.zoology.ubc.ca in the directory pub/moerman), 
in both MS Word for Mac 5.1 format and Word for Windows 2 format.  If 
you get the binhexed version, you'll have to run it through a binhex 
decoder (widely available on Macs, and a PC version is available free by 
anonymous ftp from boombox.micro.umn.edu in the directory pub/binhex).  
You can also get the binhexed files simply by clicking on the 
appropriate file while visiting the Meeting web site with your browser. 
Your web browser may automatically decode the files, but then it may 
not. You'll have to see.

Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission if May 31, 1996.  Abstracts must be 
submitted in hard-copy form so we can put together an abstract book.   
Formatting and mailing instructions are simple, and are posted on the 
Meeting web site and our ftp site (the file is called "wcwmabs.txt").  
If you can't get to them by either of those methods, send email to Mark 
Edgley at aardvark at dauerdigs.biosci.missouri.edu and we'll send you an 
email copy.

Abstracts should also be submitted electronically through Leon Avery's 
slick web system.  We will make all the electronically-received 
abstracts available by ftp before the meeting.  You can connect to the 
abstract submission engine through the West Coast Worm Meeting site or 
Leon's Worm Meeting site (addresses above).

Remember: please register and send in your abstracts EARLY.  We look 
forward to seeing you in sunny Vancouver!

Meeting Organizers:

Mark Edgley	aardvark at dauerdigs.biosci.missouri.edu
Don Moerman	moerman at zoology.ubc.ca
Ann Rose		arose at genekit.medgen.ubc.ca
Colin Thacker	thacker at genekit.medgen.ubc.ca

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