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Jorgensen (Jorgensen at BIOSCIENCE.BIOLOGY.UTAH.EDU) wrote:

: Can anyone recommend an online motif searching program?  For example, is
: there a program out there that can identify EGF domains, SH2 domains, PEST
: sequences, EF hands, kinases, C2 domains, etc. given a protein sequence?

I would recommend to use the new PROSITE/Profile server at

Simple motifs like ATP-binding sites, Zn-fingers, EF-hands etc. can
be searched with one of the PROSITE/patterns servers like     or

More divergent motifs like SH2, SH3, C2, kinases etc. can be searched
with the Profile part of PROSITE

PEST regions can be searched at

and Coiled-Coil regions at

A collection of these and related servers for protein analysis can be
found on my link page

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

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