Worm Shirt Update

Glenn E. White gwhite at ASHLAND.EDU
Mon Apr 22 11:27:15 EST 1996

Howdy to all:

Enough people have expressed an interest in the new worm shirt that I 
will go ahead and finalize design plans.

Based on a somewhat limited response, I may have to design two different 
shirts.  One would be "serious" so PI's could wear it, while the other 
would be "humorous" so grad students and post-docs and PI's who don't 
care can wear it.

Both will have the worm, front and back.  The "serious" one will have 
some quote on it about worms, perhaps from St. Sydney (sorry, but the 
Shakespeare and Nietzche are out since they're "old" now).  The other 
"humorous" shirt will have a "Top Ten Reasons To Be A Worm Doc" on the back.

If you've got a preference for serious versus humorous, please let me 
know.  To keep the cost reasonable, there would have to be at least 20 
orders of each style in order to make two different designs.  Right now, 
only about 2 - 3 people have expressed an interest in a "serious" shirt.  
The rest of you seem content with the Top Ten approach.

I'll finalize the designs by the weekend and post the official 
announcement and order form to the list.



P.S.  Still need good "reasons to be a worm doc."  If your idea makes the
final ten, you can get your shirt at cost+postage. 

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