C. elegans course at CSHL?

Michael Hengartner hengartn at CSHL.ORG
Wed Apr 24 20:07:38 EST 1996

Dear wormnetters,

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is mulling over whether it would be
desirable, with the worm genome project and what not, to set up a CSHL
course on C. elegans genetics et al.  As the resident wormer, I've been hit
upon to figure out whether this was a good idea, and how it could be
implemented.  Not in the mood to take all the blame, and eager to get
useful input and useless banter from y'all, I've decided to take this poll
to the net.  Please give me your opinion as to the the desirability and
feasibility of such an enterprise.  Those who can take the time to
specifically answer the questions below will be held in particularly high
esteem.  I'll post the summary of the answers I get (without promise that
CSHL will act on them).

Michael Hengartner

Senior Staff Investigator               TEL: (516) 367-8363
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory           LAB: (516) 367-8385
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Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, USA       Email: mir at cshl.org


The following are questions about a potential C. elegans course that might
be held in 1997 (at the earliest).  It seems most likely that a two-week
session, rather than three weeks, would be available.  About 16 students
would be expected to take part in the course.

1.  Could a worm course be held for two weeks, or would three weeks be

2.  Who are potential students?  Those going to C. elegans labs or working
on C. elegans already; those who want to start work or switch to using C.
elegans' genome types as the sequence becomes available?  All of the above?

3.  Who are potential instructers?  (Names, self-nominations by volunteers

4.  What - and how much - would be taught?  What must absolutely be included?

5.  What type of equipment, and how many of each type, would be needed?
(Obviously depends on what you answered for question 4, but let's be

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