Bax homolog in C. Elegans

ralph rossi ralphr at
Fri Apr 26 02:22:04 EST 1996

I am curious about apoptosis in C. Elegans.
With the explosion of Bcl2 family of proteins in mammals it appears (or at least has been suggested)
that Bcl2 functions by inhibiting Bax function (by forming heterodimers) and that it is Bax
that promotes cell death by carrying the "death signal".  In C. Elegans I have'nt heard of a bax 
homolog being published.  Has anyone screened C. Elegans with PCR for related sequences to ced9 ?
Also mutation of conserved amino acids in the BH domains of bcl2 leads to a loss of function mutation
while the corresponding mutation in ced9 leads to a gain of function.  Doesthis suggest that Bcl2 and
ced9 despite their obvious similiarities function in a different manner ?
If you express the "nonfunctional" Bcl2 mutant in C. Elegans does it also function with an increased death
inhibiting activity ?

Thanks for any information on this subject     Rohan Steel.

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