Mailing frozen worms

Thomas Bürglin burglin at
Wed Aug 7 12:17:47 EST 1996

>Regarding my earlier query about getting worms past the border patrol,
>Leon Avery helpfully suggested:
>>I used to just enclose them in an envelope and write "biological
>>samples, harmless, no commercial value" on the customs slip.
>Now I have another question.  Is it possible to mail worms in a frozen
>state?  Is dry ice cold enough to keep them intact for overnight
>delivery?  Has anyone tried this, or must one use a vat of liquid
>nitrogen in the back of a U-Haul like they did when the CGC moved to
>Minnesota (obviously not too useful for getting worms from England)?
>Thanks in advance.

I have succesfully mailed frozen stocks from Boston
to Switzerland in dry ice. (I took it to the airport myself
and had someone pick it up when the plane arrived).
Just make sure that the samples are packed well within dry ice,
and make sure you have enough dry ice for the trip so that
they remain frozen.

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