nomenclature for PCR products

Morris Maduro Morris_maduro at
Tue Aug 13 17:45:44 EST 1996

Hello fellow Worm Breeders,

The current nomenclature system accomodates clones (i.e. segments
propagated in bacteria for example) as pXXnnn where XX is the lab
designation and nnn is the clone number.

What is the nomenclature system for naming PCR products (i.e. uncloned DNA
fragments)?  These aren't strictly clones per se, and I'm getting tired of
writing descriptive names on eppendorf tubes like "reamplified PCR product
of C. remanei genomic DNA with primers MMA21 and MMA22, cut with Bam."

Thanks for any help,

Morris Maduro
morris_maduro at

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